In the summer heat, to French bulldogs it harder to breathe, so it is not advisable to make it even heavier with a muzzle. Be very careful and only add a muzzle to your pet in these months if you really need to.

Why add a muzzle to your French bulldog?

Most owners are hesitate to put a muzzle on their dog for the first time. Obviously it is more comfortable for a dog without it and some people are afraid of the social stigma associated with its use. It can be hard to overcome these inhibitions, but it’s important to know that many muzzles are designed to be as comfortable as possible for your pet. Keep in mind that using a muzzle doesn’t necessarily means that your dog is bad or dangerous, rather it communicates that you care about the safety of your pet and those around you. There are some common categories of behavior that may justify the use of a muzzle. If you know which category your French Bulldog belongs to, you can decide easier which muzzle to get and how to use it most effectively! 

Bulldogs can have anxiety too

Many French bulldogs suffer from anxiety. Dogs make their decisions based on instincts and emotions. A dog that is already in increased readiness may tend to grumble or even bite if it feels threatened. Dogs that seem uncomfortable near strangers or other dogs should use a muzzle before they feel that they are under pressure and have to “fight”. Over time, you may be able to reduce the muzzle using, but it’s always better to be afraid than scared. 

“White cloak” effect

Although it is related to anxiety, I feel that the fear that our dogs feel about going to the vet or beautician deserves a separate category. For some dogs, these can be extremely stressful events, and if your French Bulldog gets into a situation where doesn’t feel safe, the dog will try to protect itself.  The muzzles allow to the professionals who caring your dog that they can do it  safely and confidently. Using a muzzle in these cases is considered and wise.

Let’s learn from the antecedent

Finally, the biting dogs should definitely use a muzzle. Once a dog has bitten, it is more likely to bite again. Rather prevent the inconveniences and pay attention to it, especially near small children. Don’t always give in to the temptation of a glitter-eyed kid approaching our French bulldog. Remember that a muzzle is not a punishment, but a device for the safety of others. 

How to lead in the muzzle

The accustoming of a French bulldog to wear a muzzle can be extremely difficult. Obviously, your dog will hesitate at first, but with some time and patience, your dog can use the muzzle regularly without any problems. It is important to take a proactive approach to muzzle training. The younger your puppy, the better, although older dogs also can be taught to wear a muzzle. It’s also a good idea to start training with the muzzle in your dog’s first year of life, whether your dog have a problem with the bite or not. This will prevent serious accidents in the future.