It’s a good idea for all potential buyers to be aware of the process of buying a French bulldog.


What is the process of buying a French bulldog?


When you decide you want to buy a French bulldog, it is recommended to be aware of a few things about how such a purchase works, what happens from the selection of the puppy until the first night, when the drop is already sleeping in your home.


I am Ágnes Herczegh, the dreamer of Wonderful Kennel, I will take care of your puppy from the first steps until You take care of it, keeping in mind the reliability and responsible care. Below I will try to answer all the questions that may arise during the purchase, but if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at one of our contact details!




The first step is to pick the sweetest puppy for you, and then quickly book the little one before somebody takes it before you. The deposit is your commitment to pay the full price and take over the new puppy at 12 weeks of age. It is non-refundable unless otherwise agreed. For French bulldogs purchased from Wonderful Kennel, the deposit is 50% of the purchase price. The remaining half of the amount must be paid 1 week before delivery


Reasons for non-refundable booking


The deposit expresses the buyer’s intention to proceed with the purchase of the puppy until receipt. The failure to sell the puppy will lead the seller to lose other potential customers. People take much easier the puppies before 12 weeks of age than after. Due to this, the purpose of the non-refundable deposit is to compensate the seller for any loss. Breeding the French bulldogs is a very expensive process that requires a lot of study, time and money. In most breedings we invested millions of forints in the purchase and rearing. Then there are the coverage fees, the price of most quality coverage is 6-800 thousand Forints (1600 – 2200 €). In addition to these, we also have other more serious costs. 


What happens after the “booking”?


You can get involved in the life of the selected puppies immediately, because as soon as the amount of the deposit has arrived, in addition to sending the invoice issued for it, you can also have other surprises. Every week, we send new photos and videos to the new owner, with the help of it you can follow the development of the puppy. You don’t even have to worry about how they’re going to behave with your kids, because they grow up with young children from birth. To alleviate the almost unbearable excitement, you won’t be able to get enough of watching your new family member, maybe that’s how we can speed up the countdown a bit. 


You can even transfer the delivery fee to Wonderful Kennel too, or you can also send it directly to our delivery partner, Norbert Radó.


We request the “FCI export pedigree” for the buyer, which will be written on your name! As soon as it is ready, we will send it to you by post and electronically as well.


Why is “FCI export pedigree” a guarantee for you?


The FCI (Federation Cynologique International) ensures that pedigrees are mutually recognized by all members of the FCI. The organization recognizes 354 varieties, each of is “owned” by a country. The “owner countries” of the breeds write the FCI standards (a detailed description of the ideal type of breed) in collaboration with the FCI Standards and Scientific Committees. The standards are translated, updated and published by the FCI, so it is a constant source of security for customers like you. These standards are the reference base for breeders in FCI member countries who strive to produce high quality dogs. 


If all went smoothly, the last step is to take over your French bulldog puppy from the supplier and provide a perfect life in a loving family.