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healthy, well-balanced french bulldog puppies with outstanding professional background
The squat little body of French bulldogs is actually home to a real giant! This breed was specifically bred as a companion animal in the early 1900s. You can describe French bulldogs by imagining, that the friendly but determined character of the English Bulldog was enclosed in a fun but agile body. Tiny legs, tiny nose, great character. Add these together and you get French bulldogs.

Naturally, this breed is also not free of medical problems and difficulties. The way we see it though, that with proper care, responsible breeding and lots and lots of care, French bulldog puppies can live long, happy, adventurous lives.

This is the reason, why, with our help not only cute puppies, but also prepared, confident and course happy owners are born! We try to pass on all our knowledge and love so what you get is not just any kind of pet, but a truly wonderful companion!

A quote for you:

"Just a small life
Just a tiny life, in the palm of your hand. If your soul could see what flows from it, you would be richer and better for it. He trusts you with his fate, he loves you, you are the summit of his humble life, the mirror of your love, he rewards you with his heart, you'll never have a better friend than he! Ervin Aranyosi"
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