When we choose a new family member, we have to pay attention to every little details. It’s very important what kind of circumstances can we provide, it’s not negligible, how much it requires the permanent presence of the owner, but maybe the most important, to find a suitable and demanding breeder, because it will have a huge impact on the next few years, what quality of care the puppy received in the first months of its life. If you want to be sure, please visit the Wonderfulkennel’s website and find your little puppy with us. In the following we will show you, what a reliable french bulldog breeder is like.


Big green area and a lot of game

Indoors, not only the development of the body will be broken, but it is also indispose the little ones spiritually. The strong muscles, the well-functioning immune system will not develope in the same rate, as it should be, if they spend the first weeks of their life in a crowded kennel with little room for maneuvering. Avoiding this, definitely worth to treat every dog as a family member, let them roaming in big green areas, and let them into our living space. It is very important, that they socialize with people from the beginning, so they can learn the “good manners” even among the children. With these, a responsible breeder prepares them to the new owners even if they have a child.


Mother’s love and professional care

If after the birth the puppy spend the first 3 full month with the caring mother and the brothers, the owner can be sure that, the puppy brings a healthy “dog personality” to the new life. These first months play a key role in the development of a balanced nature, so it is a huge irresponsibility from the breeder, to withdraw it from the newborn. Before they join their new family, every puppy have to be vaccinated, and a deworming, the treatment against parasites cannot be missed either. The education for room cleanliness shouldn’t have to be started in the new home, it is ,,dog duty’’ for a responsible French bulldog breeder to start this at the beggining.


Enjoy the traveling 

A really responsible French bulldog breeder tries to do everything for the little ones, until they are taken in the care of the new owners. There are also pitfalls in the delivery process too, if proper care is not taken. It is important, that they don’t get into a state of stress on the longer trips, we can be ensure the pacefully journey with temperature and pressure controlled cabins. We have heard about cages which pushed between suitcases and more modes of transportation which are not for the puppy’s convenience, we try to avoid those from afar. It’s not uncommon when we have to take a really long distances, that a transfer will also takes place. In such cases, pet hotels are the solutions, where they provide the fresh food, water and ,,pampering” to our little puppy.