The planned feedig of French Bulldogs

Author: wonderfulkennel
Date: February 12, 2021

Everybody has the first one, there are very few people who starts with two. In this case it doesn’t hurt to follow it carefully, which are the viewpoints of eating, which it worth to adhere at the feeding of a french bulldog, if we want to be a  responsible owners.

Otherwise, we can not only aesthetically damage our little pet, but we can also have negative consequences for thier health, if we are not careful enough. So let see, how we can feed perfectly our french bulldog:


Only consciously, and planned – Feeding of French Bulldog


The base of everithing, is to avoid the random feeding, the regularity and the exactly counted doses are establish the balance of your puppy, after this you also have an easier task when you have to change something in their feeding, beacuse if it has some health problem you can look back from the data, where do you make a mistake.

Of course not expected from the owners, to fully understand themselves in the maze of different units and numbers, so the most manufacturer to choose the simplier solution, also give the dose in cups or mugs, instead of having to struggle with calories and KJ-s.


One of the bases for dosing is the “WEIGHT” question


As with us, humans, at our 4-legged friends neither requires the same amount of an 8 kg and a 13 kg dog, thats why we have to keep under controll our little favourite. Feeding of a French bulldog requires an extra care because this species is particularly inclined to obesity..

Obviously we can’t take them every day to the vet, to get an accurate number of the decagrams, but we can solve it at home, if our Bulldog learned to sit in one place for a few seconds. In case if our dog doesn’t has the right weight for his age, be sure to change something.

If your dog has a lower weight than the recommended raise the portions a bit, but don’t make too big steps, because stomach complaints can easily come up. But if you detects extra weight, you have to decrease the amount of food and put more emphasis on moving with your pet.

Important, if you could not achieve a substantial change with these tools, bravely consult with your vet, lest there be some more serious health problem in the background..

Pro tip: If your dog is restless, than stand with it on the libra, after it take down the dog. The difference of the two weighing is the weight of your dog.  


Meat with meat – let’s not raise a “vegan” dog


A part of the French bulldogs has a very sensitive stomach, which with well chosen food, – although maybe, we only know it after the trying out of many brand and type -, but we can maintain it. When we finally found the correct nutriement, do not continue the experimentation, let’s stay with it in the future, which on our experience makes the best to the little ,,housekeeper”. 

I know, usually it is difficult to resist the begging look, but forget it, that when we are at the dining table always give a little piece of the food under the table. Even if we speak about wet or dry nutrition, choose the high meaty products, do not contain cereals at all , this is most noticeable in dogs with sensitive digestive systems.

While they are in growth, the feeding of a French bulldog is recommended three times a day, after this gradually switch to two feedings a day. After a hearty dinner, our pet needs a little ,,rest”, so take the walk before meals.


What to do after coming home?


Breeders usually give a small travel pack next to the four paws to make the transition to home food easier, so it’s worth gradually switching to the food of our choice, of course, if we want to feed our bulldog with something else. In this case firstly mix the two types of canned or dry food, and lastly leave the food what we received from the breeder. 


French bulldog feeding planner


As shown in the table below, with the dosing cup what is already mentioned before makes dosing very easy, so we only have to read which data is applies to our pet.

Practically, gradation is ensured due to the monthly breakdown, by changing the doses in small steps, the body of our French bulldog will also switch easily, almost unnoticed, to an “adult” nutrition. 

Remember, thoroughness and planned nutrition will be appreciated by a happy, healthy 4-legged companion! If you are looking for names for your best friend, you will find it here!

A quote for you:

"Just a small life
Just a tiny life, in the palm of your hand. If your soul could see what flows from it, you would be richer and better for it. He trusts you with his fate, he loves you, you are the summit of his humble life, the mirror of your love, he rewards you with his heart, you'll never have a better friend than he! Ervin Aranyosi"
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