Paw care for self-forgetful and happy bulldogs

Author: wonderfulkennel
Date: March 18, 2021

A pet deserves the same care and concern, as two-footed members of the family therefore, we must be just as careful, when we choose the proper equipments and materials to take care of the French bulldog, when we are looking for a product for ourselves or for our children. In the following, we will show you, what to look for at the care of your puppy.


When and whatwith? – Don’t pull any further the care of the paws

When you become aware of that your bulldogs nose or paws are rough and dry to the touch, don’t need to panic, because this problem can be solved with due care. With a few days long treatment and with a paw care cream what is rich in natural oils and real herbs, you can heal even coarser cracks. Don't procrastinate, it isn’t worth to wait that the situation get worse, beacause then the treatment will also take much longer. 


Just tasting sure

Of course, it is worth to pay more attention to the “curious” nature of the puppies, they’re always taste everything, so it is inevitable that the cream applied to the paw will soon get into their mouth. Let’s not fight with them, rather, choose a cream from the beginning that contains only food-grade oils and herbs. Be sure to avoid products that contains petroleum derivatives, preservatives, fragrances, palm oils and materials which are harmful to both your dog’s health and environment. Don’t let them feast on it, mostly because to achieve an improvement in the condition of the paw as soon as possible, they can’t lick away the whole cream.


What should you have to pay attention at cream choosing?

In addition to health aspects, efficiency is paramount, because no one wants to lubricate their puppy’s feet for months. If the following are true for a paw care cream, you can be sure, that your French bulldog will get the best:

  • contains real herbs
  • contains moisturizing unrefined oils
  • made according to a chemical-free recipe
  • organic vitamin E.
  • made from food-grade ingredients
  • the skin can utilize its all parts


Be alert and protect the paws!

The paw care is not only a monthly treatment, it is useful after each walk, in fact it is a necessary task for the owner. After you get home from the walk, always clean you pets paws, use shampoo, cream or wet wipes. In the winter months you have to pay more attention, that the cold and salted slush do not remain on the puppy’s feet for long time, because it has an extremely bad effect on it. Obviously it doesn’t hurt also during the summer seasons or the more pleasant times, if we regularly take care of the "undercarriages", to avoid dry, cracked soles.


Other beneficial effects of creams

Manufacturers of the best paw care products, not only recommend their products against dried out and cracking paws, but we also do good to our bulldogs, in other positive ways, if we use them. In addition to the fungicidal effect, marigolds and chamomile can also help reduce inflammation. The frequent skin irritation and redness can be alleviate by a quality cream, which can have a calming effect and pain relief for dogs with injured legs. Many owners believe that the paw care is only important from hygienic point, but if the bulldogs could speak it is sure that they would tell how better it feels for them, when they run after the ball on sufficiently soft and smooth paws. Use only good quality, dog and environmentally friendly products, and you can be sure that your little pet thanks for the care.

A quote for you:

"Just a small life
Just a tiny life, in the palm of your hand. If your soul could see what flows from it, you would be richer and better for it. He trusts you with his fate, he loves you, you are the summit of his humble life, the mirror of your love, he rewards you with his heart, you'll never have a better friend than he! Ervin Aranyosi"
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