Life is better with a partner- the french bulldogs in pair!

Author: wonderfulkennel
Date: July 26, 2021

Is it better to have two French bulldogs in a pair than if it is your only pet? The French bulldogs are instinctively social animals and like to live in herds. They are happier when they have a friend, they provide company to each other, move each other, and we can leave them alone for a longer period if they are in a couple. Below, we will present you through some aspects, why do you have to get another puppy in addition to the first one. 


The French are social herd animals

Dogs are descendants of wolves, they are known for their herd mentality. This ancient feature is still present in dogs and they like the safety and comfort of being in a group. Dogs are social animals, and the French especially those. French bulldogs can be lonely and prefer if they have a companion with whom they can spend their time with. Even in the opinion of most owners, dogs are live longer and happier if they have a partner. It is understandable, beacause by having French bulldogs in pairs, they will always have company, helping each other in the socialization process and in other areas of development as well. 


Couples can serve as role models

There are also negative aspects to imitated behavior, but if we are having two French bulldogs they can acting as role models for each other. This is especially true if you bring a young puppy into your home with an older dog. The younger puppy, for example, will imitate the older dog, if the older is well trained, it may be much easier for the owner to train the second, the younger puppy. It can also work well if you have a French bulldog who is shy and timid, because a playmate can start getting the other dog out of the snail's house. 


Couples can train each other

They will play together, much more self-forgotten and happier if they are in pairs. They love each other’s company and really exhaust each other. This will bring benefits not only to the two puppies, but also to the owner. Because they get tired of each other during the time they spent together, they also left less energy for daily walks, so we can reduce the time of “tiring sightseeing”. From the moment they wake up in the morning, they fight, chew each other, chasing and running. So after that, I don’t think that the dog will want to go for hours of walking with the owner. 


Leave them alone calmly

How many times do you had to cancel programs, rush home, or just carry the bulldog with you, just because you didn’t dare to leave it alone for a longer time. With a second puppy, you can feel much better because you can be sure that you can leave them safe at home for a longer time when you have to leave. For people who have responsibilities, and spend many hours far away from their puppys because of their work, can be very wrong feeling if they have to leave their French bulldogs alone. With two dogs, this isn’t going to cause that much remorse. Despite all this, it’s still not advisable to leave them alone all day, but if it’s only for a few hours it’s much better for the dogs to have a friend, so they won’t be so lonely. 


Positive effects on humans- all in double

Countless scientific studies prove that dogs can have a positive effect on a person’s mental and physical health. French bulldogs as therapeutic dogs are able to:

-to reduce stress

-to have a positive effect on blood pressure

- they are able to have a calming effect on students during the exam period

If a dog is able to exert these types of effects, imagine how good it would be to your life if you kept two French bulldogs instead of one!

A quote for you:

"Just a small life
Just a tiny life, in the palm of your hand. If your soul could see what flows from it, you would be richer and better for it. He trusts you with his fate, he loves you, you are the summit of his humble life, the mirror of your love, he rewards you with his heart, you'll never have a better friend than he! Ervin Aranyosi"
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