Are you curious about, how much it costs to keep a cute, burping French bulldog every month? Then stick with me in this short article and dig deep into the numbers together.

Comment: We also have a French bulldog, we’ve tried a lot already and asked the advices of vets. So this article was compiled from our experiences. In this article, we do the mathematics with general numbers. Of course, you can also use other preparations, with you can come out cheaper or more expensive. It is not the exact amount of the money that matters, but to see how much it costs to keep a French bulldog.

Where your costs start?

Your costs start with choosing of the right bulldog. First you need to find a reliable breeder who is aware of the specific diseases of the breed and who makes warranty for all birth defects up to the age of 1 year. I don’t want to be too far away from reality, so let the price of such a kid be: from $5,500 to $20,000. You may find a super breeder from whom you can buy a healthy pupy for $2,500, but this will be the rarer case. In the case of puppies from $1,000 to $1,500, the biggest problem is with their “breeder”, because they do not understand what they are doing and they don’t even care about it.

They are only care about money. They don’t pay attention to the puppies and the gene pool. In the worse case , it crosses them at home with other breeds, which is terribly dangerous! Of course, there are exceptions but only a few. When you go shopping and see that the “breeders” bulldogs are locked in very tight cages, they are not well-bred, they are confused among people, you have to go away from there! There you won’t get any warranty or help after the purchase.

If you do choose a breeder like this, you should be prepare to the fact that in the future the maintenance, preservation and care of the small puppy’s health will requires a lot of times more money than a puppy purchased from a normal breeder. Obviously you don’t want that either, so we advise you to stabilize your financial condition first, and then the puppy can come. I note that, it’s not just the price that matters.

The point is to try to buy from a breeder who is helpful and knows what she is doing. We have already had experience with breeder who sold’s them for millions of dollars but kept them in inhumane conditions and was driven only by money.


Let’s see how much it costs to maintain a French bulldog

We do math until the age of 1 with overheads, which we break down to a monthly level.

  • Cost: Buying of your French bulldog
    – between $5,500 to $20,000  

-In monthly breakdown, which you can set aside in advance: about $500 to $800

If you have already decided that you want a puppy, but you cannot spend that much at once, set aside (rounded) $800 per month for a year. With that, we fired the first and most important release.

  • Cost: The compulsory vaccinations of your French bulldog

-For a year around $150 to $300

Monthly breakdown about $13 to $25

This amount can varies greatly, it also depends on how many months old you bring the dog. 

But you can count for sure on:
With one anti-rabies and one combined vaccination per year: from $150 to $300.
(I was now counting with an average case: $225)

  • Cost: Unmissable little things that are an essential part of a puppy’s life

For a year around: $955

Monthly breakdown: $80

These are the unmissable little things that a responsible animal keeper needs.

Starting equipment: $200 to $300 (This includes a dog bed, a bowl of water and food, 1-2 toys, a leash, a collar and a starter food, possibly a dog diaper)
So in one year: 1X250,00 = $250

Pet food: $20 to $50 BritCare food is enough for them for 1-2 months depending on what do you give them in addition to the food.

So in one year (based on an average): 35X6 = $210

-Sufficient tick and flea protection for 3 months: $50

You have to repeat this 3 times in one year so: 3X50 = $150

  • 1 month heartworm, anti-worm pill: $10 to $20

You have to repeat this 12 times in a year. You need one tablet in every month.

So in one year: 15X12 = $180

  • Disinfectant shampoo with antibacterial agent: $15

(CLOREXYDERM FORTE shampoo, 200ml)

So in one year: 1X15 = $15

  • Enough dog vitamins and bone strengthener for two months: $25

So in one year: 6X25 = $150

  • Cost: Unexpected expenses that may arise in the life of your puppy
  • Veterinarian average per month: $50 to $150

So in one year: 12X100 = $1200


We are done with all mandatory expenses. This is compounded by unexpected expenses. 

Which can be an unexpected illness, accidents, etc. We will update this section later. Fortunately, we do not have relevant experience in this yet, but due to the little colds and illnesses, we can count on an average monthly veterinary expenses.

In summary, maintaining a French bulldog

  • For one year: about $2145
  • Monthly breakdown: about $178
  • + the purchase price of your puppy, which is about  $8,000

You need a lot more money for healthy and balanced keeping of a puppy than you might think at first.


You can count on an average expenditure of 20,000-25,000 HUF per month. If you can pay this easily and you also have the advised amount to buy the puppy, then it’s time to have your own puppy!