What is a French bulldog puppy like?



The squat little body of French bulldogs is home to a real giant! This breed was specifically bred as a companion animal in the early 1900s. The friendly, but determined character of the English Bulldog was encased in a fun, but agile body. Tiny legs, tiny nose, huge individuality. Such are the French bulldogs.


How much is a French bulldog puppy cost?


The exact price of a puppy depends on the age, gender, color markings. Please read the details below!


Choco tan color Frenchies 1500-2000 €


Chocolate Frenchies have relatively rare coats, even though this color has been present for some time. When two rare colors meet, they make a truly beautiful coat for french bulldogs.


Choco tan and merle color Frenchies 1500-2000 €


Lilac tan color Frenchies 2000-5000 €


Lilac color is one of people’s favorite fur shades. Lilac Frenchies often have light-colored eyes, such as yellow light brown and blue, and their fur gets lighter and lighter as they age.


Lilac tan and maskles color Frenchies 2000-5000 €


Lilac tan and merle color Frenchies 2000-5000 €


Lilac tan and platinium color Frenchies 2000-5000 €


Isabella color Frenchies 8000-15000 €


Fluffy Frenchies


This is currently a rare color, so information about this can be requested via email.



Where is the Prince’s Wonderful Kennel’s owner?


Let me introduce myself: My name is Ágnes Végertné Herczegh, the mum, founder and owner of Wonderful Kennel. I live in a small hungarian town in Túrkeve, in Europe. If you’re looking for a reliable, responsible breeder, who really looks after the puppies, you just found the one.


How do you raise the dogs?


Healthy dogs can only be raised in safe and friendly conditions. We are endeavouring to provide them everything what they need. As a responsible French bulldog breeder, we guarantee, that our Puppies are ballanced and participate fully in all spheres of life.


After their birth, they are undergoing medical examinations continually, so that they can live a full and happy life in their new family.


At what age can the puppies travel?


It depends on airlines departures:

12 weeks + 21 days => Travel by Cargo airlines


10 weeks => Travel by LOT airline (rare departures)


Delivery is via LW PetCargo


 What type of certificate of registration can i get with puppies?


We give you a FCI registration for a new owner.


How do you shipping the Puppies to new owner?


In Europe => We take puppies home by car through a specialized courier company


Outside Europe => By plane. The dog can be picked up at the airport on the day of arrival. It is important for the Dear Owner to pay attention to this date, because the dog need his new owner.


How much is the shipping cost?


In Europe => 250 – 500 €


Outside Europe => 750 -950 €



Do dogs have a medical examination?



Yes, from their young age, we are attentive to this continuously, because only completely healthy puppies can go on the road. This is one of our professional credo. They also get a medical certificate that they are completely healthy.


What kind of Vaccinations do you give for your puppies?


All of our puppies will have all of their vaccinations and wormings, as age appropriate


at the age of 6 weeks =>
We give them vaccine for Parvovirus enteritis.
at the age of 8 weeks =>
The puppies get a combined vaccine for infectious diseases.
at the age of 10 weeks =>
The combined vaccine again.
at the age of 12 weeks =>
They get a vaccine for Rabies.


If you have any further questions, please write to me! 🙂